Multi-function Equipment Serial

S-962 Beauty Mermaid ( 3 in 1 )

Ultrasonic Scrubber


1)        Ultrasonic Deep Cleansing & Sterilizing

2)        Ultrasonic Whitening

3)        Ultrasonic Eliminate Wrinkle

4)        Micro massage


Ultrasonic Scrubber – 1 pc

Conducting Bracelet – 1 pc


Diamond Peel


1)        Recuperate the skin quality and rebuild the health skin;

2)        Improve the aging coarse and aging skin;

3)        Improve the detailed line of skin and lax phenomenon;

4)        Desalinize spot;

5)        Improve thick of pore, small pox scar and concave hole;

6)        Stimulate the blood circulation and metabolism;

7)        There is no irritating, no shouting pain, no need anaesthetize;

8)        Suitable for various kinds of skin, the sensitive skin can be done too;

9)        With rubbing the peel of physics machinery type, can control freely, there is no side-effect, safe and reliable;

10)    Can see the result at once;

11)    Recover fast, one cycle is about 5-7 days;

12)    Will not influence the work and social activity after treatment.




1)  Acne program: designed for minor acne eruptions on normal skin.

2)  Pigment program: for uneven pigmentation on normal to dry skin

3)  Redness program: treats blotches or redness on normal to dry skin

4)  Anti-aging program: stimulates collagen production on normal to dry skin


Cool & warm electrode:           2 pcs

Electric Pad:                              2pcs

Double lifting electrode:           2pcs

Single lifting electrode:            2pcs