Multi-function Equipment Serial

S-984 Beauty Fairy ( 4 in 1 )

Ultrasonic Scrubber


1)        Ultrasonic Deep Cleansing & Sterilizing

2)        Ultrasonic Whitening

3)        Ultrasonic Eliminate Wrinkle

4)        Micro massage


Ultrasonic Scrubber – 1 pc

Conducting Bracelet – 1 pc


Diamond Peel


1)        Recuperate the skin quality and rebuild the health skin;

2)        Improve the aging coarse and aging skin;

3)        Improve the detailed line of skin and lax phenomenon;

4)        Desalinize spot;

5)        Improve thick of pore, small pox scar and concave hole;

6)        Stimulate the blood circulation and metabolism;

7)        There is no irritating, no shouting pain, no need anaesthetize;

8)        Suitable for various kinds of skin, the sensitive skin can be done too;

9)        With rubbing the peel of physics machinery type, can control freely, there is no side-effect, safe and reliable;

10)    Can see the result at once;

11)    Recover fast, one cycle is about 5-7 days;

12)    Will not influence the work and social activity after treatment.




1)        Acne program: designed for minor acne eruptions on normal skin.

2)        Pigment program: for uneven pigmentation on normal to dry skin

3)        Redness program: treats blotches or redness on normal to dry skin

4)        Anti-aging program: stimulates collagen production on normal to dry skin


Cool & warm electrode:           2 pcs

Electric Pad:                     2pcs

Double lifting electrode:           2pcs

Single lifting electrode:            2pcs


LPG Massage


1)        Beautify body shapes, tone body muscles, revitalize, body slimming.

2)        Breast enhancing.

3)        Detoxify, physical treatment for surgical extraction.

4)        Lymphatic inducing shoulder, neck and back pain, relaxation for the whole body, cellulites reducing.

5)        Eliminate dark circles and puffiness under eyes.