Multi-function Equipment Serial

S-907 7-Function Beauty Compact Unit



Facial Steamer with Ozone, High Frequency, Galvanic, Skin Lifting, Rotary Brush, Magnifying Lamp, Wood lamp



Facial Steamer with Ozone


The facial steamer is used to clean the skin thoroughly by opening the pores in order to remove impurities (like blackheads, whiteheads, make up, etc.) and generally revitalize the skin.  The addition of ozone enriched steam helps to promote a more sterile environment for further treatment of the skin.


High Frequency


High frequency provides germicidal, decongesting effect and can produce ozone that helps to cure wound easily without leaving any pitted scar.  It provides accurate intensity adjustment; and handle with spiral cable for better mobility.  This machine comes with both ultra violet and infrared electrodes in order to suit any skin types.




Galvanic is for deep cleaning.  Introduction of active substance by means of galvanic current which helps to permeate the layers of skin much more intensively and deeply than with manual application.


Skin Lifting


Lifting uses positive and negative electrical current to improve blood circulations, skin elasticity in order to tighten skin texture and distance between skin cells.  Visible dramatic result is revealed.


Rotary Brush


Rotary brush is able to massage the skin while it deep cleanses skin surface.  It can be used on different face and body parts, especially on rough skin.  Deep cleanses impurities away from skin surface and pores.  Performs rhythmic and vibrating massage in order to relief stressed and tired skin. It also helps to accelerate and improve blood circulations and metabolism.  Client will feel refreshed and relax; and it leaves skin soft and smooth.


Magnifying Lamp


Magnifying lamp provides cool lighting, which would not sting eyes to make them tired.  It is suitable to be used for special esthetical treatments for precisions.


Wood Lamp


Wood lamp is to help identify clearly the qualities, problems and the unusual conditions of the skin; in order to provide proper treatments.