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Wax Warmer Serial

S-100B Triple hand-held wax heater


  • Color available for heater lid       
  • Quick heat up time, cartridge ready in 20 minutes
  • Stable tempreture setting
  • Thermostatically controlled
  • Convenient docking unit with magnetic base for stability
  •  Plastic protective cover to keep heat in
  • New and nice design


  • Place wax cartridge container into hand-held warmer pressing down firmly so that the entire cartridge fits deep into the heating chamber.
  • Plug the wire to input. The tempreture is setted before and it keeps between 85-95 degree C.This will produce a rapid heat up and melt wax quickly.
  • Allow 18-25 minutes for the wax to stabilize to a usable temperature before applying to skin. Keep the power is on during the process of waxing.
  • Never apply the wax on the skin if the warmer has been left on high.
  • Test the wax on a large non-woven cloth strip. Hold until upside down or at a 45 degree angle. Apply wax from the top to the bottom of the cloth.
  • If the wax applies easy to the cloth, it is ready to be used.