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Wax Warmer Serial

S-605B Wax heater


1)       Thermostatically controlled

2)       Convenient to use

3)       CE Certificate


1)       Temperature max: 110°C,mim:30°C

2)       Dimension: 30.5cm*29cm*20cm

3)       G. W: 2.7KGS

4)       Capacity: 500ml

5)       Power: 70w

6)       Voltage: 110v—240v


  • Make sure that unit is switched to the “OFF” position and intensity control turned to “0”.
  • Place wax can into the pot and put wax in can
  • Switch power on, indicator light should come on indicating that unit is operating.
  • Set intensity control almost at maximum. Indicator light will come on.
  • Let wax melt until it reaches a moderate temperature and adjust temperature control to the corresponding setting.
  • Unit is ready for waxing. Take wax from container or pan with spatula.
  • After use, turn intensity control down to “0” and shut off unit.