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What shall we do after the disaster?

Date:2010-11-19 Hits:

  14:28 - 14:32, May 19, 2008,the whole country started a national mourning for the quake victims. The heaven and earth were moved when air-raid sirens and the horns of cars, trains and fleets sound in memory of the dead.

  When the disaster struck, maybe, we can’t go personally to the disaster area to seek survivals in the rubbles and ruins; we can’t save the lives in front of the operating table; we aren’t rich enough to make big donations for their home-rebuilding. We are just commons and two many things are beyond us, however, we can exert ourselves to the greatest extent. The extent means working unspeculatively and trying our utmost on the regular duties to reduce the losses caused by the earthquake to the lowest.

  If you are a student, study hard and grasp special job skills to make yourself a pillar of the state; if you are a teacher, teach carefully and train more new blood; if you are a worker, work hard and produce everything needed in the disaster-hit area rebuilding; if you are a farmer, work arduously and help to reserve food against winter; if you are a driver, drive cautiously to avoid the traffic accident; if you are a quake victim, be firm and brave to help others, and then encourage them to help more people. I believe you can make it.

  After the disaster and sorrow, we dry our tears and set off again. This time we should be braver, soberer and firmer than anytime. We should put our hearts into the regular duties no matter how significant or trivial it is. Please trust and bear in mind that the blaze of sun can be refracted by even a drop of water. A single spark can start a prairie fire.