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The second labor competition fiercely held

Date:2010-11-19 Hits:

  The second “I’m the hero” Labor Competition drew open in the Assembly Workshop 2 at 8:30 on 16th, June. Vice president Li Yueming, Manager of Manufacturing Department Yao Lin, Deputy Manager of Manufacturing Department Jiang Kai, Zheng Dezhi, Deputy Manager of Financial Department Wen Zhonghua and Vice Section Chief of Planning Section Li Yu watched the debut match.

  The competition intended to achieve “3 Goals” and “1 Improvement”, that is, to achieve the goal set by production and operation, achieve the goal of safety production, achieve the goal of scientific and lean management, improve core competitive power of BYE. Carrying forward the former experience and improving the formerly-held labor competition, this labor competition has featured on three aspects: first, the competition expanded from six workshops to other sections as Quality Inspection Section, Material Section, Engineering Section and Technology Section, etc. The expansion not only enlarged the participation scale, but also made an inspiration on the staff’s competitive consciousness and positivity; second, rationalization proposals were made as an independent competitive item, which intends to improve the staff’s innovation consciousness and build an innovative atmosphere through constant inspiration; third, the newly-added comprehensive skill competition of different workshops helps to cultivate multi-skillful staff, promote their all-round development, and gradually form a versatile team of efficiency and reliability.

  The labor competition was a platform for BYE staff to show their master charm. The title of “I’m the hero” reflects the attention and expectation of the high-levels to all staff.

  It is known that the labor competition was still in the fierce process at press time.