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The activity of choosing “the most photogenic babies” held in BYE

Date:2010-11-19 Hits:

  Acted upon the initiative of building a harmonious society, and to celebrate the Children’s Day as well as greet Beijing Olympics, BYE held the activity of choosing “the most photogenic babies” in the mid-June, which is meant to show the healthy and cheerful image of the children of BYE staff and the parents’ care for their children, and to show human culture of BYE. The staff actively attached themselves to the activity. After ten days’ of preparation, the lay-out of photos in the internal network and show window, the activity concluded that No. 18 baby (only seven months) touched all the voters with its lovely and naive image. The baby’s vote was far ahead the other babies and finally got the first. (Refer to the relevant pictures in the 4th edition)

  It is known that the activity won attention and unanimous support from the staff. The sponsor department said that they will hold more activities close to the staff’s life and go all out to enrich the staff’s spare life.